Meadowbank Dam on full flow

THR Monitoring System

In 2012, a pilot scheme was initiated by Hydro Tasmania to establish a suitable, non-destructive monitoring technique to determine the health of steel cables in post-tensioned concrete. At that time, the methodology consisted of manually inspecting the cables once per annum. The process would take a team a few days to complete. Click here to read more!

UK Video Game Market Consultation

Working as part of a larger team at Europartnerships, Devious Solutions was brought in for a video game market consultation. The objective? To convince Clara that they should seriously consider the United Kingdom to be the next market to conquer. Click here to read more!

Repulse Dam on River Derwent

THR Software Modernisation Project

Previously in 2012, alongside partner companies, we developed a system to monitor the corrosion of steel cables in post-tensioned concrete. In 2017, we were again approached by Hydro Tasmania to conduct the THR software modernisation project. Click here to read more!


Devious Solutions was approached by Halcrow, to improve on some of their processes when generating reports. After a quick consultation, Devious Solutions was engaged to implement an automated data entry program for that system. Click here to read more!

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