UK Video Game Market Consultation

UK Video Game Market Consultation


In 2010 Clara, an Icelandic start-up, was seeking to enter larger markets. They achieved great success with their community engagement tool in concert with their primary client (CCP Games). Working as part of a larger team at Europartnerships, Devious Solutions was brought in for a video game market consultation. The objective? To convince Clara that they should seriously consider the United Kingdom to be the next market to conquer.

The UK boasted a rich variety of gaming companies like Rockstar North, Jagex, Lionhead Studios and Codemasters. Around this time, many companies were forming to capitalise on the social media and mobile gaming crazes. It was an ideal market for introducing Clara’s groundbreaking software.

(By the way, the UK is still a great place to conduct business with the video games market in 2018. The UK is the 5th largest video games producer globally by revenue after the USA, China, Japan and Germany. Unbelievably, I’m not getting a commission for writing this…)


Europartnerships secured an agreement with Clara to represent their interests within the UK. Devious Solutions was invited to attend Clara’s presentation at the Icelandic Embassy in London.

Later, Devious was invited to work directly with Clara to embed in their sales team in the UK. During this time, we travelled across Europe and met some interesting companies along the way.

A little over two years later, Clara was sold to Jive for a cool one billion ISK (approximately £5.5 million GBP, €6.6 million EUR or $8.6 million USD in using May 2013 exchange rates; historical rates kindly provided by

Clara logo - depicting headphones sandwiching the globe.

Featured image: “Lemmings Group, Graffiti on wall” by Sascha Kohlmann is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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