The world has always been changing, but never as fast as today.

Software is becoming increasingly complicated and amazing. Here at Devious, we believe that these advances can be harnessed to make a positive difference in the world. Whether it’s for safety systems in dangerous work environments; improving infrastructure monitoring to maximise renewable electricity generation or increasing the quality of life for everyone – software will be powering it.

By utilising technology like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, crypto currencies, virtual environments and self-driving cars, humanity is poised for even faster progress.

Software is driving change. Are you behind the wheel or napping in the back seat?

(By the way - we do software. Call us!)

What do we do?

Devious Solutions is an Edinburgh based software development contractor and consultancy. We're always looking to tackle new and interesting challenges to make a difference in the world.

Full Stack Development

Ranging from microchips to web pages - Devious Solutions has you covered across the whole software stack.

Team Embedding

Got a deadline? Or do you just need a bit of extra support on that project? Let us help you out!

3D Printing

Devious also has in-house 3D printers. We use them to help our clients get their prototypes to production.

What does that mean?

Devious Solutions can help you realise your business’ software needs, whether it’s a mobile app, fully fledged web service or software for your hardware product. If you’re not sure what you need (or just want an impartial third-party opinion), we would love to chat to you.

We also have some 3D printers that we can use for prototyping and (low volume) manufacturing. Clients keep coming back to us, so we must be doing a good job!

Some technologies that we use


  • Mark developed control code for Supply Design and did an excellent job. He quickly developed an understanding of the system to be controlled, was flexible to sudden changes in requirements and developed robust code, within the project timescales. Mark interacted well with our end customer and provided them with assistance on issues outside the scope of his control code. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Mark again in a similar capacity.

    General & Programme Manager
    Supply Design

    Doug Moore
  • We have worked with Devious Solutions on several 3D printing projects over the last few years. And we have also run 3D printing workshops in together.

    Mark and the team are professional, thorough and fun to work with! They really grasp complex problems quickly and ask intelligent questions to ensure they deliver the best results possible.

    The team are great communicators and kept us informed at each stage of the process. Devious offers great value and has been a vital partner for many of our 3D printing projects.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and Devious Solutions!

    Chief Enterprise Officer
    Acorn Enterprise

    Kallum Russell
  • We’ve used Devious Solutions on a number of projects over the last seven years and will continue to use Devious Solutions on some of our future projects. Would heartily recommend both their Software Development and 3D printing services. We have found Devious Solutions to be a professional and trustworthy company who are responsive and alert to our needs and challenging timescales.

    Technical Director
    Custom & Contract Power Solutions

    George Fry