THR Software Modernisation Project

THR Software Modernisation Project

Repulse Dam on River Derwent


Previously in 2012, alongside partner companies, we developed a system to monitor the corrosion of steel cables in post-tensioned concrete. In 2017, we were again approached by Hydro Tasmania to conduct the THR software modernisation project.


Repulse Dam on River Derwent

One of the major goals was to integrate the THR system into the rest of Hydro Tasmania’s infrastructure. Thus the existing proprietary data controller had to be replaced with a Campbell Scientific logger and required changes to the interfacing hardware.

We worked alongside the same partners (Custom & Contract Power Solutions (CCPS), Independent Integrity Testing (i2t) and Entura) to bring the software modernisation project to fruition.

Devious Solutions installed the new system in the Repulse Power Station. Repulse is upstream from the previous project in Meadowbank Power Station on the River Derwent.


Replacing the existing controller required us to undertake the following tasks:

  • changing the control language from C to CRBasic
  • meeting the end client’s data requirements
  • updating the communications protocol to be compatible with CRBasic’s best practises
  • first full on-site integration testing
  • adapt to any unforeseen integration issues at install
  • post installation support

A bank of (software) modernised sensors


Devious Solutions delivered the project on time and on budget. As of October 2018, the project is still in the prototype phase and is still being reviewed by Hydro Tasmania and Entura. We’re looking forward to deploying more systems in the future!

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Mark is a "Veteran Technomage" at Devious Solutions. If he's feeling formal he'll refer to himself as an "Owner / Developer". This fine specimen of a coder is interested in embedded technology, IoT and machine learning.

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