3D Printing Workshop

Happy Monday everyone!

A few quick points about the up-and-coming ‪3D printing ‪‎workshop‬.
There are 3 sessions (one per week) on the 16th, 23rd and 30th of July. All are located in the Rosyth Business Centre and run from 09:30 to 12:30.

Week One will focus on teaching you some of the basics of realising your idea. We will teach you the basics of using a CAD package (FreeCAD), potentially using the 3D scanner (if anyone needs it) and collaboratively working on your idea. Read more “3D Printing Workshop”


3D printing seminar

And that’s a wrap! Presentation finished, everyone seemed to enjoy it and/or found it useful! Thanks for popping along!

A big thank you to Kallum (with a K) at Acorn Enterprise Initiative: Free Scottish Business Accelerator & Business Gateway Fife for making it all possible!

If you missed my presentation on “An Introduction to Rapid Prototyping through 3D printing” then all is not lost! You can still book a seat at the next one (but seating is limited!) through…/introduction-rapid-pro….

Seating is limited, so why are you waiting? Click the link.

Click it.

A Stratasys Mojo 3D printer General

A very basic 3D printing primer

Don’t have the foggiest when it comes to 3D printing? Read our primer to find out a bit more…


  • 3D printing allows us to construct three-dimensional objects by using automated machines
  • The model material (think of this as the ‘ink’ of 3D printing) depend on the printer. Most systems will use some form of plastic, including bioplastics. It is also possible to print more “exotic” materials such as ceramics and metal!
  • Some models will require supports when being printed. Supports can be made of the build material or a dedicated support material. These supports are removed afterwards, leaving the intended material
  • Before printing, one has to get a 3D model. There are plenty of models available online that can be used for printing. If you need something bespoke then it will have to be created, normally from a CAD package
  • It’s one big step towards the replicators in Star Trek…

Read more “A very basic 3D printing primer”

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