3D printing seminar

3D printing seminar

And that’s a wrap! Presentation finished, everyone seemed to enjoy it and/or found it useful! Thanks for popping along!

A big thank you to Kallum (with a K) at Acorn Enterprise Initiative: Free Scottish Business Accelerator & Business Gateway Fife for making it all possible!

If you missed my presentation on “An Introduction to Rapid Prototyping through 3D printing” then all is not lost! You can still book a seat at the next one (but seating is limited!) through http://www.businessgatewayfife.com/…/introduction-rapid-pro….

Seating is limited, so why are you waiting? Click the link.

Click it.

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Mark is a "Veteran Technomage" at Devious Solutions. If he's feeling formal he'll refer to himself as an "Owner / Developer". This fine specimen of a coder is interested in embedded technology, IoT and machine learning.

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