What does Devious mean to us?

What does Devious mean to us?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the origin of the word “Devious” as:

Late 16th century: from Latin devius (from de- ‘away from’ + via ‘way’) + -ous. The original sense was ‘remote’; the later sense ‘departing from the direct route’ gave rise to the figurative sense ‘deviating from the straight way’ and hence ‘skilled in underhand tactics’.[/su_note]

The stark reality of our modern, globalised market is that it’s hard for a small business to pick low-hanging fruit or be just a “one-stop-shop”. Unless you haven’t been Googling small business advice, you’ll have encountered the concept of finding your niche. You need to be ideally positioned to take advantage of those opportunities when they appear. Otherwise, you end up competing with organisations that have more money, more manpower and more market presence who can bully you out of the market. You need to “deviate from the straight way”.

This means that you either need to find your niche; disrupt the market or have stellar marketing senses to stand out.

Desk @ Devious. This is where we ponder what it all means from...

Now – if your solution involves software, you absolutely should be talking to us. We’ve got a track record of solving client problems (check out our testimonials and previous projects) and we like to think we’re awesome people to work with.

And, like you, we love a good challenge.

(We risked it and peeked at the definition of “Devious” on Urban Dictionary

Cunning, crafty, clever

I like that. I like that alot. Maybe we should have opened with those definitions…)
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Mark is a "Veteran Technomage" at Devious Solutions. If he's feeling formal he'll refer to himself as an "Owner / Developer". This fine specimen of a coder is interested in embedded technology, IoT and machine learning.

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