Web Infrastructure Consultation

Complementary Therapy

Worked alongside a small complementary therapy business to develop a series of websites and services, as well changing the business image to be more attractive to new customers.

Devious Solutions is responsible for:

  • Working with a non-technical client to produce a valuable and useful web resource
  • Hosting the web sites and services on Devious Soltuions’ webservers
  • Created a closed web community for the client’s customers
  • Upgrading the client’s website from a static html website to a dynamic Content Management System (CMS) that is easier for the client to maintain
  • Keeping the CMS operational and up to date
  • Consolidated the client’s web presence:
    • Previously, information, most notably contact details,  on the internet was extremely outdated
    • When a customer used online map services (such as Google Maps) to find the client, it would return a location approximately 5-10 miles away, to the nearest postal town.
  • Using modern techniques such as search engine optimisation (SEO) and AdWords advertising to further improve web presence.

As a result of Devious Solutions’ efforts, the client’s monthly web traffic has increased by 200%. The client also no longer receives phonecalls from bewildered customers, unable to find the premises.

In addition to our usual technical and digital services, we also provided the following:

  • Contacted and worked alongside an independent marketing consultant to develop a more proactive business strategy
  • Suggested and implemented improvements to the client’s business image and aims. Beforehand, the client rarely covered the booking fees at events. Now, the client always turns a profit from events

Online Retailer

Devious Solutions is currently consulting to a whisky retailer to help create and develop their web resources.

Devious Solutions is responsible for:

  • Working with a non-technical client to advise on an e-commerce platform
  • Training the client to understand technology involved
  • Developing rapid prototypes to showcase different platforms and technologies

The consultation period is still ongoing, and the scope of consultation is likely to change with time.

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