Embedded Monitoring System

Prototype Phase

Delivered a working model prototype for the client. The prototype acted as a proof of concept and operated alongside the client’s other (under-development) products seamlessly.

Devious Solutions was responsible for:

  • Determining the feasibility of the project on proposed hardware
  • Working closely with the client to develop the product idea and helping evolve requirements when needed
  • Showcasing the prototype to company directors

Final Phase

Devious Solutions was chosen to bring the project to fruition, producing a monitoring system that will be sold internationally. The proposed product range will be faster, more accurate, more robust, moreĀ usableĀ and cheaper than its closest competitors.

Devious Solutions is responsible for:

  • Determining the software requirements and use cases for a complex and intricate system
  • Developing, testing and maintaining one of the client’s core products
  • Working to a series of deadlines for product launch
  • Supporting clients at trade fairs and showcases
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