Here at Devious Solutions, we don’t see being a small, independent software contractor as a disadvantage. We like to feel that it is quite the opposite.

By being a small and agile company:

  • We can consult, design and implement a prototype before larger corporations begin moving.
  • Allows for creative, fresh solutions to old problems.
  • We feel we can give the client a better software development experience.

However, should you need a larger team, Devious Solutions maintains contact with a web of other independent contractors and can bring them in as and when they are required.

It is our belief that every business can use software engineering to improve some aspect of their product or service, whether it is speed, accuracy or an overall better customer experience.

Why Devious?

Not that we’re underhanded at achieving our goals, but because we can think outside of the box. Like a devious mastermind, we will be with you from the planning phase, to the culmination of your product or service. We will continue to support you after the project is complete.

Devious Solutions is synonymous with …

  • Flexibility : Devious Solutions can work independently, with other contractors, as part of an existing corporate set up, off-site, on-site, full time, part time and more.
  • Agility : We can tackle a whole range of client’s requirements. Here at Devious Solutions, there is a wide range of skill sets, and our constant thirst for knowledge and self improvement means that this skill set is increasing all the time.
  • Quality : We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.
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