Deviously (3D) Printing

If you’re not familiar with 3D printing, here are some of the basics:

  • As the name suggests, 3D printing allows us to produce three dimensional objects
  • The material (think of this as the ‘ink’ of 3D printing) will depend on the printer, most systems will use plastic. Some 3D printers can print using ceramics and metal!
  • Depending on the material used for construction, it may also require support material to ensure the part will have the support it needs until it “sets”. This support material is removed afterwards
  • The model has to be designed beforehand in a 3D modelling package
  • It’s one big step towards the replicators in Star Trek…

These are some of the benefits of using 3D printing:

  • Can print unique “Once Off” objects without extortionate tooling costs (can be upwards of £10,000)
  • Can create prototypes to ensure that when you tool up, your system has the correct dimensions and can be assembled properly
  • Can use 3D printing as manufacturing method (low volume specialist parts)
  • Especially useful for producing parts for systems that are no longer available
  • If used in conjunction with a 3D scanner, can directly replicate existing parts without requiring 3D modelling experts

The services available to our clients in our area have long turnaround times. This has unfortunately meant clients have not been able to produce as many incremental prototypes as they would have liked due to time constraints. As many of our customers utilise Devious Solutions for our rapid prototyping service, we have purchased a 3D printer to alleviate their woes.

If you’re interested in using our 3D printing services, then please get in touch!

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